Pop of Wisdom: Challenges as lessons with Alice Liveing

I am thrilled to be joined by Alice Liveing for my first Pop of Wisdom episode. Alice is one of the biggest names in fitness in the UK and inspires millions daily with her content on social media, her Give Me Strength fitness app and through her three best selling books.

Alice rose to popularity just over six years ago and has been very honest about her journey with fitness and health. Alice fills her content with honesty and authenticity as she tackles the truth around weight, working out and both mental and physical health. Alice has spoken openly about how so many of us try to shrink our bodies in the hope will fit in better, be more accepted and how destructive this can be for our sense of identity and most importantly, our health.

Find Alice:

Instagram: @aliceliveing

Give Me Strength App: https://www.givemestrength.app/

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