The future of fertility and how it affects us all with Professor R. John Aitken

Today I am joined by Professor John Aitken, who is a global leader in reproductive biology with over four decades of dedicated work. John has made groundbreaking discoveries that have revolutionised our understanding of male infertility and paved the way for innovative treatments. He's the author of The Infertility Trap that looks at the long term consequences of declining fertility globally. I read his book earlier this year and was shocked as I turned the pages. Never did I dream that birth rates dropping would be a serious problem, as I just assumed we were overpopulated as it was. John's research opened my eyes to a very real challenge we face, which is how are declining fertility and lifestyle choices will affect us all long term. And why? A very important conversation around this has to happen sooner rather than later if we want to change the direction.

This interview with John was possibly one of the most eye opening chats I've ever had because it speaks to the future in a very personal way, but also macro way. I think it reminds us that we truly are a species that deeply relies on each other. We are so interconnected and the subject of fertility and reproduction does feel very spiritual in many ways and also links in with the psychological links in with our behavior. It's just a very human topic. So I hope you are enjoying this content that feels slightly different from the normal programming on the Unwind podcast. But I wanted to open up to share some of my own personal curiosity at the moment, and I hope you're following the journey and enjoying it too.

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