95: Love is not a shortcut to happiness with Monica Berg

On today’s podcast I speak to the global, spiritual teacher Monica Berg who is the author of some of my favourite books including Fear is not an option and the book we are going to be speaking about today, Rethink Love. Throughout Monica’s work she shows individuals how to create a life in which they are living and loving as the most powerful and fulfilled person they’ve always wanted to be. 

Her books combine her many years of Kabbalistic study with her own personal life experiences. She battled and overcame a debilitating eating disorder at a young age and as a mother of four children, one of whom has special needs, she has become an outspoken advocate for him and others struggling to find their voice. 

Monica and her husband co-host The Spiritually Hungry podcast which is truly brilliant. She also serves as Chief Communications Officer of The Kabbalah Centre International. Monica’s book on love is a highlighter at the ready book. Love is something which is confusing me lately as I’m only just beginning to understand the full extent of what that word really means. It’s far from what Disney told me many years ago. It’s a true honour to have such a profound spiritual thought leader on the show today. 

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