86: A simple trick to unlock total self appreciation with Mel Robbins

Welcome to Season 9 of the Not Perfect Podcast! It is a total honour to kick off the series with one of the most successful motivational speakers of all time on today’s podcast. Mel Robbins has been a go to for me in some of my lowest and highest moments. Mel coaches more than 60 million people online every month and her videos have had over a billion views. Her groundbreaking work on behaviour change has been translated into 36 languages. 

Today we are going to be discussing her newest book, The High Five Habit which will be released later this month. The book is packed full of quotes that give you that ‘aha’ feeling. It’s full of research backed tools for you to change your mind, change your life and live your highest, most empowered, full of love existence. Mel explains that everyone should wake up in the morning and give themselves a high five as it stimulates the nervous system, giving you a jilt of energy and your brain a drip of dopamine which can lift your mood. Mel explains it in the simplest and most relatable way so it's a real honour to have such a world leader on today’s podcast. 

*Trigger Warning* - sensitive topics are discussed in this episode like sexual assault at the beginning of the podcast. 

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