79: Are your human needs being met? with Dr Andrew Morrice

Today’s guest is Dr Andrew Morrice. Dr Andrew has spent decades as a GP doctor working for the NHS in England but 15 years ago he decided to start learning about the Human Givens approach alongside his clinical practice. Human Givens approach is a therapy that takes a truly bio-psycho-social approach towards emotional and mental wellbeing. 

I first learnt about Human Givens from my mother who studied the approach too and I honestly think it’s one of the best frameworks to understanding our emotional needs as humans. In this episode we dive into the brain and body connection and we discuss why physical factors can create emotional and mental challenges and why a lot of advice about health is contradictory and distorted by vested interests. Dr Andrew sifts the sense from the nonsense making it easier to think clearly about how our brain and body work together. 

He runs fascinating day courses which are jam packed full of learning and I couldn’t recommend them more. As Maya Angelou said - “when you know better, do better” and I don’t think you could find a more inspirational teacher than Andrew. I hope you enjoy this episode! 

Find the Humans Given Course here: https://www.humangivens.com/college/the-mind-body-connection-online/

Find more on Andrew Morrice here: https://www.hgi.org.uk/find-therapist/therapist/andrew-morrice

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