130: Hope, healing and the mind-body connection with Dr Jeffrey Rediger

On today's show, I have someone who has changed the lives of so many people. Dr. Jeffrey Rediger is a Harvard Medical School assistant professor, a board certified psychiatrist, a physician and the bestselling author of Cured: The Life Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing. He has spent 20 years researching people who have recovered from incurable illnesses. His book takes you through the journey of healing and shares stories that are so brilliant you are unsure if they are actually true.

Dr. Jeffrey challenges the medical industry by highlighting research that often gets overlooked. His book, Cured, gave me true hope for anyone facing illness and disease because through his rigorous research, he clearly shows how healing can happen when the mind facilitates the body in doing so. I am truly obsessed with Dr. Jeffrey's work, his book and his continued research in the field of healing. I hope you enjoy today's episode.

Find more information on Dr Jeffrey:

Website: https://drjeffreyrediger.com/

Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cured-Remarkable-Science-Spontaneous-Recovery/dp/0241327555

Instagram: @drjeffreyrediger


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