38. Turning the Entire World into our Tribe

When we visit different countries, we experience and see how people behave, eat, and communicate, and we get a taste of their culture. It is different when we live in those places; then we know their culture on a deeper level. It would appear that as tourists, we only get to see the tip of the iceberg. Culture is visible not only in how people dress, eat, or talk; it impacts everything, the way people do business included. That is why cross-cultural deals that ignore the influence of culture in business are doomed to fail. 

Joining me today is Brenda McGuire, CEO of WorldWide Connect, Virtual Trainer, and Speaker. She is a best-selling author, Cross-Cultural Expert, Founder of Global Gals, Global Leadership Coach, and Travel Expert. Brenda has been in 85 countries and lived in 6; she has over 25 years of international experience helping professionals succeed globally. At Global Gals, Brenda empowers and educates women to live, work, and travel the world. 

In this episode, Brenda kindly shared how she went from being a country girl from Iowa, surrounded by a sea of cornfields, to be a globetrotter. We talked about the different kinds of business approaches from different cultures and the importance of understanding those differences. Brenda also shared her view on the way cross-cultural businesses will evolve in the following years. 

Tune in and listen to Episode 38 of Moving Beyond Your Tribe and listen to Brenda's fascinating experiences around the world.

Some Questions I Ask:

  •  How did you go from local to global? (1:59)
  • You've been to 85 countries, you've lived in 6 and connected yourself in various tribes. Would you tell us a bit of that? (10:33)
  • In cross-cultural deals, would you say the most important currency is trust? (14:17)
  • We are more and more creating a global mindset. And more and more companies are looking for a person with a global mindset. Could you give your perspective on what is a global mindset? (25:48)
  • What would you think is going to happen to travel after the pandemic is over? (33:47)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • "See the World." The beginning of Brenda's journey (3:35)
  • Life is about relationships. We connect with people in the most unexpected ways (8:07)
  • Culture impacts everything. Business must learn everything from how to manage the workforce to close a deal (19:01)
  • To perform cross-cultural deals, leaders must develop a global mindset (24:43)
  • We are living the best times to do global business (32:31)


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