Historical Awareness…On Our Terms ft. Lavinya Stennett

On this week’s episode of Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to education activist Lavinya Stennett, founder and CEO at The Black Curriculum. By campaigning for black history to be embedded in the national syllabus, Lavinya is working tirelessly to ensure the future of education involves a curriculum that reflects all of us. Together, Gemma and Lavinya will be discussing how broadening our knowledge and challenging the narratives we’re presented with are routes to lasting change, both for ourselves and in society.

Gemma is later joined in the episode by Abiola, a student at The Open University and someone else who is making a positive impact. They discuss how he is completing his degree in Computing and IT, whilst balancing a career that’s helping tackle climate change. Abiola explains there isn’t just one way to study anything.

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