Language...On Our Terms ft. Mark Grist

On this week’s episode of Life...On Our Terms, host Gemma Cairney is talking to teacher, poet and rap-battle extraordinaire Mark Grist. Mark joins Gemma to ask how the power of language can unlock that creative spark for anyone. Together they discuss how being able to explore things in your own way, without fear of making mistakes, is the key to opening up people’s perspectives. Rap-battling has inspired Mark to spread the message that despite what some say, we can teach both originality and flair.

As well as Mark Grist, Gemma is later joined by Samuel, a Psychology student at The Open University who combines his studies with a career as a learning support assistant. Samuel is passionate about the doors that education can unlock, if it’s communicated in a way that works for you, and likewise, how The Open University has fostered a sense of community that connects you both on an academic and social level.

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