'We should redefine what a recession is': Abby Glennie of Abrdn UK Smaller Companies fund

In the latest episode of the IC Interviews, Dan Jones hosts Abby Glennie, deputy head of smaller companies and co-manager of UK smaller companies strategies at Abrdn. 

As part of Abrdn, Glennie has been pivotal in the world of domestic small-cap shares. In the show, the pair discuss some of the Abrdn UK Smaller Companies fund's holdings, including Bytes Technology, 4Imprint and CVS Group, as well as the current angst over the UK market, portfolio allocation changes, and the ‘Matrix’ stock screen.


1:17 What Glennie makes of the angst over the UK market

8:10 Allocation changes to the portfolio in recent months 

11:58 What the valuation process at Abrdn involves

14:03 What does the Abrdn ‘Matrix’ screen look for

18:33 Bytes Technology

21:22 4imprint

24:35 Hill & Smith

29:59 CVS Group

35:31 Food producers Hilton and Cranswick

40:35 UK video game stocks

42:42 The general rules on position sizing 

44:46 Diploma and when to sell a holding 

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