‘Cultural attitudes around investing need to change’: Lee and the IC

Alex and Lord Lee have reunited for the seventh episode of Lee and the IC, two weeks on from Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget. 

The announcement of a British Isa could shake up the UK’s private investing landscape so the pair begin by mulling over the practicality of the tax shelter and how future governments can improve the public’s attitudes towards investing.

In his statement, Hunt also announced the government would be selling its NatWest (NWG) shares, which could be the move to get the ball rolling on Lord Lee’s gifting shares to schools idea, a method to increase investing literacy. 

Lord Lee then answers questions from listeners on how he generates investment ideas and whether stop-losses are a part of his method. As with each episode, the pair wrap up the conversation by discussing some of Lord Lee’s holdings, including Ampario (AMP), M&G (MNG) and Treatt plc (TET), which Investors’ Chronicle also profiled last week here.

This episode was recorded on 21 March.


1:31 A British Isa 

3:24 How future governments can improve cultural attitudes to investing

5:54 Overseas shares tax exemption within Isas

9:41 Inheritance tax and Isas 

12:49 Gifting shares to schools 

20:05 Reader questions – does Lord Lee use stop-losses? 

23:24 How he checks in on his portfolio

24:48 How he generates investing ideas

26:28 Will he write a sequel to his book How to make a million slowly?

27:30 Anpario (ANP)

32:55 Genus (GNS) and Benchmark Holdings (BMK)

34:58 M&G (MNG)

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