John Kay: “I’m coming to the conclusion that the public equity markets as we know them are a 20th century phenomenon”

Professor John Kay has held a host of the UK’s leading economic advisory and academic positions. In early 2020, he published an incredibly prescient book alongside Lord Mervyn King which lays out the dangers of economic modelling when attempting to deal with crises. Reassuringly, Radical Uncertainty: Decision making for an unknowable future, shows that we can make good decisions, even in a very unreliable world.

In this interview, Mary McDougall talks to Professor Kay about how he came to write his book, how its conclusions can be applied to the threats facing the world at the moment and whether or not he did indeed read all the sources in the book’s 39-page bibliography!

Professor Kay also divulges his vast knowledge on the UK’s equity markets, building a pension, fighting climate change and what ESG should really be all about.


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