‘It’s the valuation that matters, not the share price’: Laura Foll of Janus Henderson Investors

Foll currently works as a portfolio manager on the Global Equity Income Team at the Janus Henderson Investors fund, where she has held the position for 10 years.

In the episode, the pair discuss where the team tends to focus when stocks don’t pay dividends, the compelling opportunities in the UK market, some of the specific stocks the fund currently holds and one of the fund's largest holdings, Rolls-Royce.

This episode was recorded on 27 February.


00:59 How does the trust differ from its peers

2:58 Interesting opportunities outside of conventional income investing 

6:08 What the fund looks for in a recovery play 

8:05 Rolls-Royce

9:29 How the fund treats a well-performing stock 

12:19 Dividend prospects for Rolls-Royce 

13:42 Are we shifting away from a focus on dividends?

16:27 Interesting sectors that are powering dividends 

19:21 Warning signs in income stocks 

23:55 Areas of hope for UK equity investors 

27:59 The mix of UK and overseas stocks and the different appeal 

30:23 How prominent are smaller companies in the portfolio?

33:56 Monitoring all the stocks Janus Henderson holds

34:56 Foll’s take on M&A

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