Capitalising on AI and data & the Rolls Royce turnaround: The Companies and Markets Show

We begin with Julian Hoffman who delves into the details of recently published banking results. He explains what was hidden inside Barclays’ results and whether it can afford its £10bn payout to shareholders. Julian and Dan also discuss HSBC’s impairments and NatWest’s dividend.

Val Cipriani has written this week’s cover feature on taking advantage of the growing need for data centres. She and Dan discuss the background to the piece, the operators and the headwinds they face, and she explains how investors can capitalise on this real estate-cum-infrastructure industry.

Last but certainly not least, Michael Fahy talks about Rolls Royce, whose profit more than doubled to £1.6bn. He discusses what investors can learn from this growth and whether or not the momentum will continue.

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