Will Robbins

The Lovely Boys have become an internet sensation and we were lucky enough to grab one half of this dynamic duo Will Robbins inbetween video making to chat about his life and how he keeps his own mental health healthy and in check.


Insta: @willyrobbins

Tiktok: @thelovelyboys Insta: @thelovelyboys

Rich Wilson and Will Robbins discuss various topics, including growing up in a small town, the challenges of being short, getting into comedy, and the importance of sleep and water. They also talk about the positive impact of comedy and the need for more wholesome and feel-good content. The conversation highlights the importance of open conversations about mental health and the need for a balanced approach to self-diagnosis and self-care. In this conversation, Will Robbins and Rich Wilson discuss various topics related to mental health, self-care, and personal experiences. They touch on ADHD, overwhelm, and the challenges of finding balance in a world filled with wellness advice. They also talk about living on a houseboat, the bohemian lifestyle, and the influence of parents on their personalities. The conversation explores the connection between spirituality and belief systems, as well as the impact of social media on mental well-being. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of self-reflection, communication, and finding what works best for oneself.

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