Ben Pope

Ben Pope is a London-based stand-up comedian and has been doing stand-up for the best part of a decade (as an act and MC), gigging across the UK. He has performed a host of critically-acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe shows, his YouTube special Mr Big Stuff has 30k views and in 2023 he completed his nationwide Holy Cow tour (‘excellent’ - Joe Lycett), which this year travels to New Zealand. Ben has supported both sketch duo Max & Ivan and character comedian Kieran Hodgson on tour, and has appeared on Achievement Unlocked (Comedy Central), Comedy Guide to Life (Dave) and BBC New Comedy Award on Radio 4 Extra.

Twitter - @BenWPope

Insta - @popesbenedict

TikTok - @popesbenedict

Brighton Fringe shows -

AI thinks it's about this: In this conversation, comedian Ben Pope joins Rich Wilson to discuss various topics, including growing up in a religious environment, questioning beliefs, finding magic in hobbies, and the pressure to constantly optimize every moment. They also talk about the importance of slowing down, enjoying downtime, and letting go of guilt when it comes to reading and creative pursuits. Overall, the conversation explores the themes of belief, self-discovery, and finding joy in everyday moments. In this conversation, Rich Wilson and Ben Pope discuss the benefits of audiobooks and how they can make reading more enjoyable. They also delve into the challenges of reading classic literature and the pressure to read certain books. The conversation touches on the transition from religion to secularism and the impact it can have on individuals. They also explore the importance of taking it easy and not putting too much pressure on oneself. The conversation concludes with a discussion about boarding school experiences, appreciating London, and upcoming shows and tours.

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