Tony Law


In this episode, Rich Wilson and Tony Law discuss various topics, including making the most of limited space, coping with challenges in lockdown, the decline of niceness, the impact of podcasting, the fear of putting out content, struggles with alcohol, reading and talking in sleep, habits and shopping math, watching motorists pulling eco-protesters, the conspiracy of Extinction Rebellion, the habit of using bags for life, and an encounter with a climate change protester. In this part of the conversation, Tony Law and Rich Wilson discuss encounters with snobbery and politeness, the behavior of Tony's dog, avoiding personal topics, Tony's controversial stance on climate change, the earth as a killer, the impact of classism and snobbery in England, the influence of social media on opinions, desensitization to tragic events, showing kindness to homeless people, the divisiveness of politics, and the importance of balanced news consumption. The conversation covers various topics related to watching TV shows and movies while engaging in different activities, such as writing, feeding, breastfeeding, and using social media. It also touches on the fascination with murder-related content and the experience of attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies.


  • Snobbery and classism still exist in society and can impact mental health.
  • Social media can desensitize people to tragic events and lead to divisive conversations.
  • It is important to have friends with diverse views and engage in balanced news consumption.
  • Comedians can provide a unique perspective on society and challenge prevailing opinions.
  • Finding interest in unconventional topics can broaden knowledge and understanding. Watching TV shows and movies can be enjoyed while engaging in other activities, such as writing or feeding.
  • Breastfeeding can provide an opportunity to watch TV shows and movies during feeding sessions.
  • Many people, particularly women, have a fascination with murder-related content.
  • Attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with babies can be a unique and enjoyable experience.

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