Sugarcoated Sisters

One has bipolar. One has diabetes. And neither of them have had sex for two years … join them as they unleash their multi-million-hit personas at Soho Theatre for a collective cathartic release Tue 4 – Thu 6 Apr 2023 9.15pm at Soho Theatre: 


Tiktok @sugarcoatedsisters Instagram @thesugarcoatedsisters Twitter @sugarcoatedsis

[00:00:18]'s Performance Package 4.0. [00:03:42] Sex and love addiction. [00:07:40] High-up bed obsession. [00:11:48] Edinburgh Fringe was brutal. [00:14:09] Sibling relationship dynamics. [00:19:13] Diabetes and bipolar. [00:23:57] Thirst as symptom of diabetes. [00:25:12] Medical diagnosis relief. [00:28:19] Diabetes diagnosis stories. [00:31:41] Bipolar disorder and diagnosis. [00:35:07] Describing bipolar disorder. [00:39:09] Medication for bipolar disorder. [00:42:00] Unhealthy Relationship Patterns. [00:45:24] Performing and Drinking. [00:49:05] TikTok and going viral. [00:53:28] Stand-up comedy nerves. [00:55:40] Improvisation in Comedy. [00:58:53] TikTok for all ages. [01:01:57] Learning the double bass.

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