John O'Sullivan

Rich Wilson is joined by John O'Sullivan. They discuss the insecurities and challenges faced by performers, including the fear of failure and rejection. They also explore the impact of social media on self-esteem and the struggle to overcome personal insecurities. The conversation delves into the importance of confidence and likeability in comedy, as well as the internal conflicts that performers often face. Throughout the episode, they share personal anecdotes and reflect on their own experiences in the comedy world. The conversation covers topics such as dealing with loss and fear, coping with illness and caring for others, the impact of the internet and social media, the evolution of comedy and taboos, and the desire for naughty and controversial humor. The need for originality in comedy is also discussed. In this conversation, Dame John O'Sullivan and Rich Wilson discuss various aspects of comedy and the entertainment industry. They touch on the importance of visibility and representation for disabled comedians, emphasizing the unique perspectives they bring to the stage. They also explore the role of likability in comedy and the power of visual humor. The conversation delves into personal preferences in comedy and the changing tastes of audiences over time. They discuss the challenges of building confidence on stage and overcoming self-doubt. Finally, they express appreciation for each other's kindness and discuss future plans for collaboration.

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