Hannah Byczkowski, comedian and star of The Traitors

In this episode, Rich Wilson and Hannah Byczkowski discuss their experiences with the TV show 'The Traitors' and the dynamics of the game. They reflect on the excitement and disappointment of being a contestant and the strategies involved in the game. Hannah shares her motivation for participating in the show and the impact it had on her career. They also discuss the importance of gratitude and perspective in maintaining a positive mindset. The conversation highlights the value of surrounding oneself with supportive relationships and the power of choosing happiness in everyday life. The conversation covers various themes, including appreciating life, finding happiness, and taking time for oneself. It emphasises the importance of perspective, empathy, and recognising the real problems in the world. The evolving nature of comedy and the value of enjoying life and not taking things too seriously are also discussed. The awareness of mortality and making life count is highlighted, along with the significance of self-care and mental health. The creation and success of the Ghost Huns podcast, as well as personal experiences with the supernatural, are explored. In this conversation, Hannah Hannah Byczkowski shares her experiences with strange occurrences and unexplained events in her house. She recounts instances of feeling a presence, finding doors open, and hearing a phone ring in the cellar. She also discusses hearing her name being called in a haunted house and shares a story about a house with a tragic history. Hannah concludes by mentioning the Ghost Hunters tour she is a part of.

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