#Episode 20 - Mark Waddington

My guest today is the Chief Executive of a very important charity called Hope and Homes for Children - that I discovered one day when one of their representatives made it onto my land and captured my attention for minute, which isn’t easy or safe…

And before you know it they have me, Kenny English and T-Bone roped into doing a triathlon and raising money for them!

Hope and Homes for Children, work tirelessly to take children out of orphanages and place them in loving homes where they can thrive and right now you can support them through their End the Silence campaign.

Go to endthesilence.com where you'll find an interactive music memory time capsule which allows you pick your most precious childhood song, donate, and then share it on social media along with the memory it evokes.

By joining the world’s top musicians in sharing your most precious childhood musical memory, you can help to end the silent suffering of neglected children in orphanages.

Hope and Homes for Children's End the Silence campaign aims raise £1.5m by Christmas to save eight million children suffering silently in shocking overseas orphanages.

And the great thing is that every pound donated to the campaign before the 27th December will be doubled by the UK Government - so do your thing my good people!

Now tune into this enlightening conversation with a very special guy - Mark Waddington - Chief Exec of Hope and Homes for Children...


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