King Pt. 1

Yo whassup my peoples! Happy new year! How’d you like that Q&A episode last week? We’re gonna do more so tweet me your questions -@officialhuey – make ‘em good! Askin what a Scooby Snack is for the millionth doesn’t count!

Ok, so because we don’t shy away from controversy here on the pod me and my good buddy King, are diving into the deep end of #MeToo and all the sexual shenanigans that have been poppin off – in real life – and in the media recently.

This is the first of a two part episode that we recorded when I was NYC just before Christmas 2017 – so that explains some of the timings of what we talk about. And it’s an evolving discussion. I encourage you to listen all the way through because our viewpoints develop as we talk – that’s the whole point y’know – it’s a conversation. Plus we got the inside scoop on some of these dudes who be misbehavin!


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