Ireland’s Blind Eye Towards Racism with Aisling O’Neill

Racism is a massive issue in Ireland today and something that we, as a country are not exempted from. The past 3 weeks of global protest at systematic racism in America has also shone light on great changes that need to happen closer to home.

On this week’s podcast Sasha and Venetia look at how racial abuse can have devastating impacts on those targeted by it, speaking to Aisling O’Neill a mother and advocate from Tipperary. In September 2019 Aisling’s 16 year old daughter Mia took her own life after suffering years of extreme racial abuse from people in their community, beginning at just aged 4. 

In the chat Aisling paints a picture of her beautiful caring daughter, and the awful experiences she had to endure throughout her adolescence. She also speaks about the personal effect the Black Lives Matter protests have had on her and her grief. Since Mia’s death, Aisling has gone on to establish One Life, a charity focused on mental health awareness and community support.

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