How COVID - 19 Complicates Everyone’s Grief

The COVID 19 outbreak has touched the lives of thousands of families across Ireland, and more than ever before the prospect of an unexpected loss is a growing concern for many. 

Grief is complicated even on the best of days, but now as our lives are restricted in so many ways, the way grieve has also changed dramatically. There has been a lot of emphasis on the obvious physical changes such as funeral capacities and hospital visitations but in reality, the restrictions that we are living through now also impact those who are suffering from longterm in a very real way.

Orla Keegan is head of Bereavement and Education services at The Irish Hospice Foundation and joins Sasha and Venetia this week to discuss the impact this pandemic is having on those grieving around Ireland, and the necessity to reach out more than ever, in these unprecedented times. 

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