Building Trust at Work: Trends for 2024

We often overlook the fact that trust is the basis for all good culture. I called out some of the remarkable data on this in the Work In 2024 deck.

In Slack’s August 2023 survey of over 10,000 global office workers, trust was the top determinant of employees’ productivity scores. Employees who felt trusted were 2X as productive as those who didn’t. They were 30% more likely to put in extra effort at their jobs. If we don’t feel trusted we’re twice as likely to say we’re looking for

a new job.

But what role does trust play in the modern company? And how can we build it?

Mark McGinn is a senior leader at the communications agency Edelman, he talks to me about their research into trust and how we should seek to build it.

Has our organisation replaced government? Increasingly our company is the biggest thing that we believe we can have an impact on.

Mark explains that Trust in our organisation is based on four things:

  • Organisational ability
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Purpose

You'll strongly enjoy downloading Edelman's Trust Barometer and also Edelman's special Trust at Work report.


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