A deep dive on ocean conservation

In this week’s episode of Earth Unscrewed our presenters, Helen Scales and Seyi Rhodes, speak to Karen Sack, President and CEO of Ocean Unite, about the important things each of us can do to help restore the health of the ocean. 

For years, scientists have been telling us that at least 30 per cent of the Ocean should be declared strongly protected in marine reserves by 2030  – that this is critical both for marine biodiversity and to build climate resilience. So in this, the third episode of our second season, Karen talks about what needs to be done, by all of us, to help safeguard 30 per cent of the ocean by 2030.

From reducing your carbon footprint, to eating more sustainably, to cutting single use plastic from your life  – this episode is all about how we can work together to take action and unscrew the blue planet. 

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