Hyperloop: From science fiction to the world's most eco-friendly transport

As the world’s population continues to grow and global demand for rapid, seamless transport continues to rise, we must meet this challenge in a way that is efficient, clean, and safe for the future of the planet.

In this week’s episode of Earth Unscrewed you’ll hear from Virgin Hyperloop – the world’s leading hyperloop company, building the fastest, most energy-efficient, most environmentally friendly transport system… ever.

As Virgin Group founder Richard Branson puts it: “We need big ideas like hyperloop to reach zero-emission transport, while rapidly connecting people and goods.” 

In this, the sixth episode of Earth Unscrewed’s second season, we learn about the point-to-point, on-demand, and autonomous high-capacity transport system, which also happens to be the fastest, most energy-efficient, and sustainable form of travel ever created.

Presenters Helen Scales & Seyi Rhodes speak to Ryan Kelly, Head of Marketing and Communications at Virgin Hyperloop. Ryan shares how his incredible team are reinventing transportation to eliminate the barriers of distance and time.

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