How People Shape Data, and How Data Shapes People (interview with Visier’s Ian Cook)

Ian Cook is VP of People Analytics Solutions at Visier. He’s a man with a real passion for the people side of business and the subtle arts of bringing the right people together for optimum results. He’s spent the last 15 years evangelising about how data can turn that art into science. In this episode, Ian has insights, and plenty of case studies, on how best to approach data and real-life humans in separate but complementary ways.  


The conversation also covers the dramatic rise in people analytics over the past few years and what it now means to be in a phase of mass adoption, the shift in what business leaders expect from HR when it comes to people analytics, how to get employees onboard with your data-driven ambitions, how to help partners become more data literate, the concept of “turmoil contagion” and much more. 


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