#374 Julia Hobsbawm: Do We Still Need Offices?

My guest today is Julia Hobsbawm: entrepreneur, writer, and consultant who addresses the challenges of this hyper connected age. She is Chair of the content and connection business Editorial Intelligence. She is the author of six bestselling books including The Simplicity Principle and Fully Connected. Today we are discussing her latest book The Nowhere Office, a book that proposes a radical new way of thinking about work both now and in the future. This isn’t an anti-office book but more a look at what the world now looks like: are offices not needed in the same way? What does the future look like? It covers the new challenges of remote working, repurposing offices for more creativity, managing WFH teams and how to work with purpose and greater work/life balance. I really enjoyed it, it reminded me of so much I was writing about in The Multi-Hyphen Method pre-pandemic, so i found it fascinating speaking to her. I hope you enjoy it :)

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