Brewmaster Series: Rye River - Bill Laukitis - Big Bangin' IPA

Join us as we chat with Bill Laukitis, Rye River’s head brewer, and analyse their Big Bangin' in full detail.

If you’re not familiar with the Brewmaster Series, this is one for the homebrewers and the beer geeks! We invite a head brewer to fully break down the beer recipe of one of their signature brews, from start to finish. We provide a homebrew recipe too, so if you’re a homebrewer you can have a bash at brewing it yourself! This episode sees us analyse Rye River's Big Bangin' IPA in full detail, talking through everything from its water profile, grain bill, mash and hopping schedule, all the way through to fermentation and packaging.

This episode is slightly different to our previous podcast episodes, as it was recorded during a live online event that we hosted previously. We shared the recipe on screen as we chatted through it, so you may hear some references to that. Unfortunately we can’t do that on the podcast for obvious reasons, but the recipe is available to download below.

Link to recipe:

You can check out Rye River Brewing Co through some of the links below.

Rye River Website

Rye River Instagram

Rye River Twitter

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