The New Definition of Personal Branding

After years of change, the way people buy from you and buy into you has changed. Ditch the empty "go build your brand" hustle-culture cry of 3 years ago and instead embrace what will powerfully communicate your value, worth and passion to those who need you. 


Can you imagine being competitionless? The new definition of personal branding starts in the heart❞ ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾

Aligning a personal brand is more significant than typical branding tasks - a website, a social media post, a photo shoot - and, when mixed with a personal truth strategy, can work like a magnetic commercial. Find out the three elements to getting it right. (I'll even give you ways to boost them in your life and work.)


Start your journey through the essential elements I shared:

  • Strengthen Self-Discovery & Discipline. Assess if your current personal brand is dynamic or dismal. Determine your PRESENCE SCORE
  • Assess Self-Presentation. Learn my proven frameworks and replace common personal brand pitfalls. Register for STYLE YOUR VISIBILITY


Want to skip all the guessing at how to pull these elements together? Learn how to work with me in my mentorship at


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