Journey To Clear Confidence with Maureen: From A Rut To Ready For More


To celebrate my Amazon best-seller, Show Up Confident's 3rd Book-versary, I know I wanted to have one of my clients join me who learned to embody the beginner's teachings in the book. You'll learn how she became another real-life case study of the chapter on "Dress In Confidence." I can't wait to introduce you to Maureen who re-invented her idea of "dress for success" into something more lasting, powerful and fulfilling!

Maureen is an award-winning executive career coach, who needed to move through life's transitions and prepare herself to create more success in her business, she found an unexpected way to make it happen - she learned to shake up how she thought about getting dressed!

Maureen has spent decades in fast-paced corporate environments helping high-achieving executives get unstuck in their careers while helping them find satisfaction beyond work, but when life presented it's twists and turns in her own life, she knew she needed to see herself anew (literally), so she could present herself with fresh confidence, to "put herself out there" and serve as an example to her clients of what authentic resilience looks like.

Maureen will share:

  • Why recognizing turning points in your life, work and confidence gives you an opportunity to set yourself up for wild success.
  • How women who may feel intimidated by changing their style after change can find ease and even fun in learning how to present their excellence the right way.
  • What part of her new Hue and Style® personal brand image skill she used to draw new attention to her work.
  • What new practice she used to snap out of a moment of "It doesn't matter if I get dressed" mindset that almost cost her a meeting with influential leaders in her community.
  • Plus, she'll toss in some valuable career strategist nuggets about why asking for help and going "all in" to receive expert advice and mentorship vital to quantum leap advancement and lifetime satisfaction.

There's never been a better time to replace the way you get dressed! Learn from this woman why! 

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