Journey To Courageous Confidence: From Paused To Possibilities

When you finally make your presence match your voice, you'll have everything you need to be seen & heard the right way!


Kim is a dedicated brand-builder with a passion for helping entrepreneurs own the value of their voice but...

...she didn't "see" herself living her dreams in the mirror.


Kim was urgently eager to show up differently in her business after life changed. She recognized that even as an audio assets coach and podcaster, she needed to prepare herself to use more than her voice to market her business.


She needed more presence to expand toward her matured definition of success! She knew she needed to allow herself to be seen, not just heard.


She learned to make getting dressed part of her marketing strategy, and something else happened...


Kim said "yes" to herself first, boosting her courage to launch a bigger business vision!


In under 6 weeks, she learned to master her newly empowered personal brand message in every way she puts herself into her communities - no matter where - online or offline!


Kim shifted her image and found new COURAGEOUS CONFIDENCE!


Kim shares:

  • How recognizing transitions in life can create an opportunity to reinvent how you define success.
  • How women in midlife can use an image renewal process to redefine their relevance and use their excellence in new and expanded ways.
  • Which of her new Hue and Style® image-confidence skills did she use to re-launch her business, giving her more opportunities for "dream clients" to be attracted to her and her work?
  • Plus, she'll toss in some valuable strategist nuggets if you long to use your voice in new ways and why going "all in" to receive expert advice and mentorship is vital to allowing yourself to take center stage.

This one a heartfelt conversation about reclaiming your confidence, strengthening your alignment, and getting results for yourself before you offer it to others.


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