#65 Simplest Sales Funnel, EVER


Sales funnels allow you not just to attract but also to nurture (through email and video)

  1. Design a valuable and downloadable free resource (eg. an ebook, pdf guide, checklist)
  2. Create an opt-in page to collect email addresses
  3. Create a thank-you page to share the next steps
  4. Create an automated email sequence to nurture and build trust

Optimise this funnel for the highest possible conversion rates

  • aim for an opt-in page conversion of 50% or more
  • expect 5-10% of the email list to convert to sales

Invite your funnel audience to book a discovery call with you throughout the funnel

  • in the free resource itself
  • on the thank you page
  • in email 1 of the sequence

If you want to become a pro at building funnels so you can enjoy a reliable stream of dream leads in to your business, then DM me over on Instagram the word FUNNEL as I’ve got some resources that are going to help you

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