#79 Scaling Beyond your 1:1 Offer into Group Programs


You want to grow your coaching business and you know that group coaching is a great way to leverage your time, but what are the best ways to get into it?

And what are the pitfalls to avoid?

That’s exactly what I’m sharing here in this episode of the show.

You may be worrying that 

  • enrolling one person into a group isn’t a group, and so you want to know how to successfully enroll 6 -8 clients or more
  • you won’t get the great results that you’ve been able to help your clients get when working 1:1
  • you may not be able to hold space for a group, the energy will be hard or the clients may not feel they’re getting enough time from you
  • you don’t have your group curriculum nailed down and you’re not even sure where to start with that

Tune in to this episode to get some valuable tips and strategies to help you get an incredible group coaching program designed, delivered, and sold!

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