#72 Slow Down to Speed Up


Here are 7 ways you can slow down to speed up…

We’ve been conditioned to think that working harder is the best way to create success, but this just isn’t true.

I very nearly learned this the hard way… I suffered headaches so bad that I was convinced (and so was my doctor) that I had a brain tumor.  It was a dark time… I was on the edge, nervous, anxious, and filled with fear.

I now know that creating spaciousness and self-awareness is the BEST way to make more money, grow and scale, lead your team, inspire your audience, and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming you’d create.

  1. Morning routine to limit morning stress and start off with purpose
  2. Batch tasks together eg podcast x3 in one session
  3. Time-block your diary to create more space
  4. Schedule health and well-being during the day to feed your soul
  5. Daytime bath to reset and re-focus
  6. Remove “should’ from your vocabulary
  7. Never write a long to-do list (only ever 3 things at a time)
  8. Quit people pleasing - the people picking your brains need to start paying
  9. Stop wasting energy on the stuff that doesn’t light you up - focus on your strengths, focus on the offers that you love most
  10. Create better boundaries  - you don’t need to respond to every client message within the hour
  11. Just be - meditate and be in your own energy and thoughts - this creates clarity, purpose, and alignment that is vital for you to stay in your lane and move forwards with determination.

Which of these 11 things are you committing to?

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