UWSers Helping Prisoners of Conscience

May 1961 -- Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International, wrote that he was sickened by governments imprisoning citizens for speaking or singing in protest.  The work of Amnesty International continues around the world and on the Upper West Side with members of Group 11. Since the early 1970s members of Group 11 have helped to free prisoners of conscience in Iran, Chile, China, Indonesia, Libya, Myanmar, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Vietnam and the former USSR. And, currently, AI-USA’s Group 11 is working to free Narges Mohammadi -- the 2023 Nobel Prize winner who has fought for women’s rights in Iran and is now in an Iranian prison. We attended Group 11's 48th Annual Benefit Concert in December, 2023 and then joined Group 11 coordinators Harry Schwartz and Sue Dicker and musicians and composers Marcia Eckert and Debra Kaye at Mr. Schwatz's UWS apartment, to talk about their work to free Prisoners of Conscience and the concert.

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