AI & Human Health

This BCR conversation may seem complex but its also simple – and – will possibly end human existence. If your physician can access all of your medical records, she will do a better job. And if generative AI knows all about the health of every human -- what then?

We talked with two experts developing the power of Artificial Intelligence to keep us healthy. Dr. Mark Braunstein is the guru of FHIR -- not a misspelling -- an acronym for Fast Healthcare interoperability Resources – a technology helping physicians to access everything about our medical history and condition, easy and fast. Mark is a professor at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech and a former health Informatics entrepreneur – and a visiting scientist at the eHealth Research Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

Vince Hartman is the co-founder and CEO of Abstractive Health, a new company that is reducing physician burnout through the power of generative AI. 

Mr. Hartman has over a decade of experience in product management and software engineering in the healthcare field. There is a lot more to Vince’s resum´e -- but it includes so many technical abbreviations I dare not go there.

And visiting BCR as we recorded on the porch of Gebhard's Beer Culture Bar was Peter Frishauf creator of Medscape and godfather of Osmosis.

Alan Winson


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