Anti-Nuclear Gadflies: Martha Hennessy & Brian Terrell

Late November, 2023 -- John C. Wester -- Archbishop of Sante Fe -- spoke at the Church of Our Savior at E. 38th Street and Park Avenue. About 200 were gathered to honor the 43rd anniversary of the death of Dorothy Day – and – to consider the abolition of nuclear weapons.  At the United Nations that week the countries that signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons were meeting. The United States was not one of them.

The day after Archbishop Wester spoke – I met with two people who have dedicated their lives to peace in our world -- Brian Terrell and granddaughter of Dorothy Day – Martha Hennessy. Both had been on BCR – Martha in connection with her KingsbayPlowshares 7 protest at the Trident Nuclear Submarine Base in Georgia for which she was incarcerated in a Federal Prison for over a year. And, I first met Brian Terrell in covering the Witness Against Torture protests in Washington D.C. of the continued U.S. detention of dozens of Muslim men in Guantanamo. And I have talked to Brian many times since about his work to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. When he is not protesting and getting arrested, Brian runs a goat farm in Malloy, Iowa.

Alan Winson

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