Pockit’s Virraj Jatania: How he got through a crisis “out of our control”

On this episode of How to be a CEO we’re continuing our series looking at start-up success stories.

Pockit is a London-based fintech, serving customers left behind by mainstream banks. It was launched in 2014, has more than 900 thousand customers, and last summer it raised ten million dollars in funding – but it hasn’t been all plain sailing.

Its CEO Virraj Jatania spoke to the Evening Standard’s business editor, Jonathan Prynn about:

  • How Virraj’s childhood growing up in a family business shaped his entrepreneurship
  • Why seeing the struggles of people restricted from mainstream banking made him want to launch Pockit
  • The chance meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson that led to him becoming an early investor
  • How his role as CEO changed as the company scaled up
  • What happened when a big funding round collapsed just as the pandemic arrived
  • How the Wirecard scandal led to a crisis at Pockit
  • The “two primary objectives” he has for the company’s future

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