Comic Relief's Samir Patel: Running a charity in a cost-of-living crisis

This is a special edition of How to be a CEO, in support of the Evening Standard and Comic Relief’s Winter Survival Campaign. To donate go to The campaign continues until December 22nd.

Running a business in a cost of living crisis is hard. Imagine running a charity? Samir Patel’s the CEO of Comic Relief, which last year raised fifty million pounds to help causes addressing poverty and injustice. But the crises just keep coming, and economies around the world remain volatile. So, in all that, how do you persuade people with less money in their own pockets to give you something?  

In this episode we talk about: 

•How Comic Relief believes charity can be fun and the need to inspire hope

•The constant change required to stay relevant

•How global crises are affecting donations to the charity sector

•The shocking deprivation this year's Evening Standard & Comic Relief Winter Survival campaign is trying to tackle

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