GoPro CEO Nick Woodman on luck, AI and beating the competition

It was 2002 when entrepreneur Nick Woodman first set up his GoPro business, something he calls today "the realisation of a dream".

What was only intended to be a small, niche business offering a new way of filming for surfers, grew into a household name synonymous with action cameras for extreme sports, adventuring and capturing footage in all conditions.

In this episode Nick tells us about his 21-year journey with GoPro, how he deals with competition in the secctor, the company's ethos of helping creators do more, and his future plans for the brand.

In this episode:

  • Nick's belief in 'a great deal of lucky timing'
  • Why he was 'terrified' of hiring people at the start
  • Nick's fear of competition and what he does to stay on top
  • Plans for desktop video editing software, and AI to make editing easier
  • 'Stay tuned' for new types of camera from GoPro
  • Why being passionate about a business is key to success

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