Our Justice: Episode #3 – Elio

Episode 3 of 'Our Justice': a mini-series of true stories and conversations, co-produced with young people with experience of the Scottish justice system.

In this episode we hear from 18-year-old Elio, who loves theatre and is a huge fan of Doctor Who. They share their experience of growing up with a parent in prison. 

This is a Boldface Production, in partnership with Community Justice Scotland and the Empathy Museum. 

Content warning:

This episode discusses parental imprisonment, bullying, mental health-related difficulties, and discrimination based on gender. If you are affected by anything you hear, please visit the Community Justice Scotland website for a list of organisations offering support: https://communityjustice.scot/news/our-justice-podcast/

Episode production credits: 

Training: Jesse Lawson + Arlie Adlington

Editing and Sound Design: Nada Smiljanic

Mixing: Arlie Adlington

Executive Producer: Jesse Lawson

A text transcript is available at http://empathymuseum.com/podcast/our-justice

More about this series:

In Our Justice, three young people explore personal and societal issues that led to contact with the Scottish Justice System. Over six episodes, Reece, Chris and Elio take it in turns to share their own experiences, then invite significant people in their lives to join them and reflect on what they’ve been through. Our Justice is an honest and person-centred exploration of criminal justice in Scotland. Each young person received presenting and interview training, and has shaped the structure of the series.

Music and sfx credits:

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