Down the Rabbit Hole #2 – Elizabeth's story

In this second episode of the series, Elizabeth tells her personal story to accompany the letter she wrote and read in episode one.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a series of letters and personal stories from three women, Elizabeth, Rita and Angel. They all access The Beth Centre – a space supporting women living in Lambeth who are at risk of, or affected by, the criminal justice system.

Take a look at a beautiful book of images made to accompany this series: 

Content note:

This episode involves discussion of physical abuse.

To create this audio storytelling project, Elizabeth, Rita and Angel worked with course facilitators Jesse Lawson, Donna Everett and Brenda Birungi through 10 weeks of workshops on storytelling, writing, public speaking, recording techniques, and more.

This project was produced by Boldface in collaboration with Women in Prison, a charity working to end the harm caused to women, their families and our communities by imprisonment. The audio was produced by Jesse Lawson and Nada Smiljanic.

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