The Loneliest Wolf: Lessons Learned From Leaving the Pack

A lone wolf named Takaya was spotted living on an island by himself and stayed there in isolation for eight years. Despite all the odds, on an island where there was no natural food source, Takaya survived.

A lone wolf doesn’t fit in with the pack. A lone wolf is a strong and powerful wolf who wants to go off on their own and seek their own territory and let others stay in the family pack. 

Takaya lived on his own and there are lessons we can learn from lone wolves.

There are some people--and some animals--that prefer to be on their own, to figure out for themselves what they can do when they choose to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. In the animal kingdom, there are lone wolves. Animals who break off from their families, their relatives and even their own offspring in order to form their own family of one. And when they strike out on their lonely journey, they leave behind tension and conflict with others who are part of their group. For lone wolves, it’s better to be on their own, than part of a pack. 

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