Why We Don't Talk About Bruno: Choosing Family Estrangement

We Don’t Talk About Bruno, the number 1 hit song, written by Lin-Manual Miranda for the Disney movie Encanto, is all about a member of the Madrigal family who no one talks about, Bruno. 

Encanto is a movie about family, but it’s also about trauma and how families connect, separate and become estranged.

For a Disney movie, there are some very heavy themes, including war and violence and ruptures within what family members expect from each other and what they can’t accept. 

We all have been told and taught that family bonds are unbreakable but for many, family is their pain, and these relationships are broken. 

There’s a certain type of loneliness that comes from being estranged from family, in choosing to depart from the ties that are part of our genetics and our lineage. 

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