Terry's Tips For Writing & Storytelling

Over the first season of Alone Together, we’ve compiled notes and tips from our executive producer, Terry O’Reilly, the host of Under The Influence, who knows a lot about writing for the ears and not for your eyes. 

During the 25 episodes of season 1, Terry has provided great tips on how to write for sound and storytelling structure, and how audio and podcasts are different from print stories.

In this bonus episode, here are some of Terry’s Tips for Writing and Storytelling. We’ll be back with Season 2 on September 10 with new episodes exploring loneliness. Please join us and subscribe. 

Director: Callie O'Reilly

Sound Engineer: Geoff Devine

Theme Music: Ian Lefeuvre and Ari Posner

Producers: Debbie O'Reilly and Guillermo Serrano

Executive Producer: Terry O'Reilly. 

Writer and Host: Peg Fong


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