One Is The Loneliest Number. Or Is It?

One is the loneliest number that you can ever do, according to Harry Nilsson’s song One. But two can be just as bad as one.

The formula behind loneliness isn’t based on numbers but on connections. 

In this episode, hear from:

Suzza Silver, a writer who loves numbers behind Beauty of Mathematics. She failed grade four math but learned how to figure out numbers. She came up with her own solution to become a math muse by forming associations between letters and numbers. 

Cathery Yeh at Chapman University who has a doctorate in education with a focus on learning, cognition, and development and an emphasis in Chicano/Latino Studies whose research interests is in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Equity and Social Justice Education and Teacher Education. 

Ben Orlin, a math teacher and author of the books Math with Bad Drawings (2018) and Change is the Only Constant (2019) who has taught every level of mathematics from ages 12 to 18.

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Cathery Yeh

Beauty of Mathematics

Math with Bad Drawings

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