Feeling Less Lonely: Challenging Stereotypes about Loneliness

We are alone. 

But that doesn’t mean we are on our own. 

Over this last year of the pandemic and this first season of the show, we heard from others who were also curious:

What can loneliness tell us about who we are right now? 

And people all over shared their ideas and their thoughts about solitude and challenged some stereotypes we might have had about loneliness. 

Over the last 24 episodes, we explored what it means to be alone, the art it helped create, the stories it led writers to tell, the songs that emerged from loneliness and the pain it caused and ultimately the new paths it leads to. 

Loneliness can lead to inspiration and the stories we heard inspired us and made us think differently about what it means to be alone and how it can bring us together.

Listen wherever you get your pods and download our show notes here https://apostrophepodcasts.ca/alonetogether 


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