Fame: It's Lonely At The Top

If there’s one word that immediately brings the image of someone to your mind, it may very well be: Celebrity. 

Just hearing that word and you associate it with your favourite fill-in-the-blank star. Many people want fame, even crave it, because of what we believe life is like for the famous. 

And despite being unfamous, we can all associate the perks of being a celebrity, including fortune, designer clothes, valet parking, mansions with pools. 

Yet even from the perspective of peering in on the lives of people we think we know, we can see the darker side of fame: the isolation, the loneliness.

Celebrities serve a purpose in the lives of the rest of us, the unknowns. We sometimes glorify their successes and we, at times, glorify their failures.

They’re not just like us. 

What celebrities prove, to us, is that even fame, and the adoration of millions who send gifts to the wealthy and the known, is no guarantee that we aren’t alone. 


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